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Hallmark Millennium Corp. (HMC)


Genius Championship

Genius Championship is an E-Examination conducted by the Hallmark Millennium Corp (HMC) at certain intervals for the Students all over the world.


Genius Subject Championship

Genius Subject Championship (GSC-E) is an E-Examination conducted by Hallmark Millennium Corp (HMC). This is a diagnostic test to measure the level of knowledge.


Genius Cyber Championship

The World today whether Rural or Urban is moving on all different types of Electronic Devices and Machineries. Today Masons to the Presidents of the Nations are using E-Services.


Genius General Knowledge Championship

General Knowledge can be of a great importance to us. These days test based on general knowledge is a part of almost every interview.


Hallmark Millennium Corp, (HMC) is An International ISO Certified Organization with a Vision for imparting and sharing knowledge and wisdom for all the young minds all over the world.
It has been conceived and developed by a Team of Educational Experts with Infinite Dreams. The entire team works with a Vision – Mission Ideology. HMC moves with a Vision of Golden Era of the growing generations. It is bound with a Mission for the Integration of the whole World. HMC links the young minds with the Future World through the Digital E-Examinations. As we are passing through information revolution, we are sure that HMC prepares the young generation to meet all the Challenges in the Future.

Why choose us

HMC is an International ISO Certified Organization that conducts the Best E-Examinations. We provide Scholarship for their future Studies. The E-Examinations are designed by the Educational Experts. We are providing World Class Education through our Study Materials.